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MAPB, also known as hydrochloride, is an analytical reference measure categorized as a benzofuran. It has been found in confiscated samples suspected of having novel psychoactive substances. However, mapb powder is a designer drug similar to MDMA in its effects and structure. This product is mainly intended for forensic applications and research. And it is strictly prohibited to employ this research chemical for human or veterinary use. However, if you want to use this research chemical, you can easily get mapb powder online without any trouble.

Legal Status of MAPB Powder

The MABP powder has different legal statuses respective to different countries, here are some examples:
United Kingdom: MAPB powder was initially banned in the UK in 2013 under a Temporary class drug edict. But in 2014, the UK announced that MAPB powder would be made a class B drug alongside other benzofuran entactogens and numerous structurally related drugs.
Canada: MAPB is not recorded in the CDSA but as it is structurally linked to MDMA drug, it can be considered prohibited in Canada. But this has not been experimented in court.
China: In China, MAPB is considered a controlled substance 
Luxembourg: MAPB is not mentioned in the list of banned substances. Thus, MAPB powder is still a legal substance in Luxembourg.

Effects of MAPB Powder

The effects of MAPB are quite similar to that of MDMA. Research in primates and rodents has shown that mild to high doses of MAPB when given twice per day for four days regularly, damages nerve cells that retain serotonin. The researched primates later showed lowered numbers of serotonergic neurons, indicating that some of MAPB's effects can be long-lasting. Apart from this, MDMA has additional impacts on the serotonin system. 

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