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FAB-144 Powder

FAB-144 Powder

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What is FAB-144 Powder?

FAB-144 Powder is a synthetic cannabinoid from a group named tetramethyl cyclopropyl, which reportedly grants selectivity for the peripheral CB2 receptor. FAB-144 is an XLR11 analog that has an indazole, instead of an indole group. Furthermore, FAB-144 is also known as FUB-UR-144. It is an indole-based manufactured cannabinoid that is assumed to be a potent CB1 receptor agonist. However, fab 144 powder has been marketed online as a designer drug. The toxicological and physiological properties of this combination are still not known. Thus, this research chemical is intended mainly for research and forensic applications. However, if you want to use this chemical for any research, you can get them online without any complexity.

The legal status of FAB 144 powder

In the United States, FAB-144 was temporarily emergency organized by the DEA in 2019. Plus, this drug has become a permanent Schedule I Controlled Substance in 2022. The public health agency of Sweden suggested classifying FAB-144 as a dangerous substance on March 24, 2015. Moreover, it is illegal to use this drug for human consumption. And it can only be used for research purposes, whether it is medical or scientific.

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