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4F-MPH Powder

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4F-MPH powder is a new research chemical powder in the stimulant group. The 4F-MPH chemical formula is C14H18FNO2 and its molecular weight is 251.30. 4F-MPH is also known as 4-Fluoromethylphenidate and 4-FMPH. This compound acts as a higher-strength dopamine reuptake inhibitor than the related methylphenidate. 4-Fluoromethylphenidate has been studied further along with different analogs to assess its potential as an anti-cocaine medication. Moreover, 4F-MPH is a novel synthetic stimulant that refers to the phenidate class that delivers long-lasting euphoriant, and restorative effects when administered. This compound is a related structural analog of the typically prescribed ADHD drug named methylphenidate, which is often known by the brand names Concerta and Ritalin. If you want to try out this research chemical online, you can easily find 4f mph powder for sale online.

Effects of 4F-MPH Powder

4F-MPH has an exceptionally short record of recreational use and thus it has yet to be reported as being sold on the streets. Anecdotal reports point that it is more potent with fewer discomfiting side effects such as anxiety, compulsive redosing, and muscle spasms. However, this powder has been shown to act as an increased efficiency dopamine reuptake inhibitor than its parent compound methylphenidate. Due to its potent and long-lasting stimulant effects, such as its habit-forming properties and unknown toxicity profile, it is strongly suggested that one should use proper harm removal practices if deciding to use this substance.

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