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5F-PCN Powder

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5F-PCN Powder is an azaindole-based manufactured cannabinoid that is assumed to be a rich agonist of the CB1 receptor. It has been sold online on various platforms as a designer drug. It is also known as 5F-MN-21 and is closely related to NNE1. Given the known metabolic release of amantadine in the affiliated compound APINACA, it is inferred that metabolic hydrolysis of 5F-PCN may radiate 1-naphthylamine, a general carcinogen. Apart from this, this synthetic cannabinoid might display a high relationship for peripheral CB1 and CB2 receptors. Moreover, this research chemical is mainly intended for research purposes and forensic applications. And if you want to experience it, you can easily find 5f pcn powder for sale on our official website.

Effects of 5f pcn powder

5F-PCN Powder is a designer drug with pronounced psychoactive and physiological effects. However, the physiological and toxicological properties of 5F-PCN powder are not known yet. Being a synthetic cannabinoid, 5F-PCN powder might display an elevated affinity
for peripheral CB1 cannabinoid receptors and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

How to store 5f pcn powder

You should always store this research chemical powder in a cool and dry place. And always keep it away from heat, moisture, and fire. The stability of this synthetic cannabinoid compound is up to 2 years under proper storage conditions.

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