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5F-PV8 Powder

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Buy 5F-PV8 Powder is an analog of pyrovalerone. It is known as a psychoactive blend that is held as Schedule V in the US. This powder is also known as a Pyrrolidinophenone-derived designer drug. However, PV8, also known as hydrochloride, differs from A-PVP by retaining heptaphenone instead of the pentiophenone part of the compound. Yet, the toxicological and physiological effects of this compound are not still known. Moreover, 5f pv8 powder is intended for forensic applications and research. If you want to use this chemical for any of your research, you can easily find 5f pv8 powder online. 

Features of 5f pv8 powder

5F-PV8 Powder is a useful research chemical. Here we have listed some important features of this drug: 

  • 5F-PV8 is a research chemical that acts as a psychostimulant. 
  • This PV8 Powder is similar to PV8. 
  • The purity of this research chemical powder is over 99.7%.

This research chemical is available in white powder or white & yellow crystals. 
Furthermore, 5F-PV8 should always be kept away from heat, moisture, and fire. It should always be stored in a cool, shady, and dry area.

Effects of 5f pv8 powder

The toxicological and biological properties of 5f pv8 powder are unknown. This product is primarily intended for research and forensic applications. However, when this drug is used, various adverse effects may occur in humans. Some most common include grinding of the teeth, sweating, blurred vision, and a rapid heartbeat. And extended use can even lead to memory problems, paranoia, addiction, and difficulty sleeping. Even deaths have been noted due to boosted body temperature and dehydration.

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