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Thiafentanil powder is a highly potent opioid analgesic that is used to treat severe pain. It is a derivative of the synthetic opiate drug fentanyl and is more than 10 times more potent than morphine. Thiafentanil powder is a Schedule II controlled substance and is only available with a prescription.

Know more about thiafentanil powder

Thiafentanil is a powerful synthetic opioid that is estimated to be 50 times stronger than heroin. It is typically manufactured in clandestine labs in China and Mexico and smuggled into the US for sale on the black market. It is also being used in counterfeit prescription drugs and is often cut with other substances like fentanyl, carfentanil, and even heroin to make it even more potent.

What’s the use of thiafentanil powder?

Thiafentanil powder is used to treat moderate to severe pain in patients who require round-the-clock opioid therapy for an extended period of time. It is usually taken by injection, although it can also be taken orally. When taken orally, it is usually taken in the form of a tablet or capsule.

Thiafentanil powder has a rapid onset and a short duration of action, making it ideal for treating acute and chronic pain. It is also used for pain relief during surgery and for controlling postoperative pain.

The side effects of thiafentanil powder

The most common side effects of thiafentanil powder include nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. More serious side effects may include difficulty breathing, shallow breathing, severe drowsiness, confusion, and agitation. Thiafentanil powder should not be used in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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